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Melamine Board, Particle Board, MDF manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 18mm Melamine Board Carb Naf Melamine Board, 25mm Sustainable Artificial Board 25mm Carb Naf Particle Board, 18mm Sustainable Artificial Board 18mm Carb Naf Particle Board and so on.

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Looking for distributor for Wanhua Ecoboard
Ecological strawbased pariticle board for furniture
Looking for distributor for Wanhua Ecoboard [Feb 21,2017]
Looking for distributor for Wanhua Ecoboard
What's kind of distributors we are looking forward to work with?
Who care about environmental issues and have same eco-friendly concept with us.
Who should focus on long-term goals instead of short benefits.
Who care about people's health and aim to provide the safest living environment to people , which mean the furniture, doors, floors, cabinets etc in the room all are No Voc and No formaldehyde and other harmful gas release.
Why Choose Wanhua Ecoboard
A.  Product Differentiation
Wanhua Ecoboard is the pioneer for strawboard manufacturing, we focused on and made a very huge investment over past 10 years. After so many years of energy savings, coupled with the country to vigorously promote low-carbon environmental protection, straw board spring has arrived.
Key features for strawboard
No cutting wood, meets green and social sustainability policy.
Super Eco friendly, zero formaldehyde release, we use MDI as adhesive, CARB NAF certificate is issued. 
Excellent moisture-proof & Durability performance
Production capacity: 250,000m³/year for present 4 lines. New 4 lines are under establishment, the equipments are imported from Germany Dieffenbacher.

B.  Product Price is stable and keep down
Frankly, current strawboard price is much higher than traditional wood based panels. We use MDI as the resin, it is about 2700usd/ton for MDI, on the contrary, traditional panels use urea resin just need 350usd/ton.
The good news is our price has been down 10%-15% over past two years. We can promise that our price will be down 20% or much in the future 3-5 years based on the following works we are doing:
1.Completion of layout of strawboard lines in China
Current production lines : 4 lines(In Shandong, Hubei, Henan Province)
Shandong line capacity: 60000m³/year.
Zhu Madian of Henan line: 50000m³/year.
Xinyang of Henan line: 50000m³/year.
Hubei line capacity: 60000m³/year.
Total capacity is around 250,000 m³/year.
New 4 production lines are under construction:
Total Capacity: 1,010,000 m³/year in the future 3 years

2.High technology equipments imported from Dieffenbrchar help to enhance the enterprise automation to a higher degree, to reduce the dependence on labor, reduce labor errors. We feel to use machine instead of artificial, the industry can quickly become bigger. Some European machinery factories have gone to Wanhua to seek cooperation.
link: http://www.dieffenbacher.de/front_content.php?idart=536&changelang=3 
3.China government support. Although the overall economic growth in China in 2014-2016 has come down, but did not affect the new technology industrialization process for Wanhua Ecoboard. With the low-carbon, environmental protection, zero formaldehyde and other characteristics were accepted and the recognized by the market gradually, coupled with the traditional furniture industry reshuffle, the straw board on behalf of the future direction of the development of new industries have brought more opportunities for development in 2016, whether government support, talent flow or capital flows are clearly to this Emerging industries tilt.
4.Plans to successfully listed on stock Public in 2018, playing an independent listed company, plug in the wings of capital, so that the industry developed faster, embarked on a virtuous circle of the road.

D. Strength background for Wanhua Ecoboard
Wanhua Ecoboard Co., Ltd founded at end of 2006 was invested by 5 shareholders including Wanhua Industrial Group, Hongta Innovation Co., Ltd etc. The operating activities of Wanhua Ecoboard Co., Ltd cover the research and production of Wanhua Formaldehyde-free straw-made Ecoboard and the research and production of Ecoboard making equipment which has made our company the largest straw board supplier worldwide.


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